"I promote

Conscious Businesses! "

Jennifer Cloake

Intuitive Business Strategist

As Entrepreneurs, Freedom means we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, and however we want! 

Over the years, I see business owners struggle.  Instead of achieving business success, they end up becoming a slave to their business. Some are even forced to quit because their “dream” is draining their Soul AND their bank accounts!

I got curious!  Why do some business owners have such a hard time "making it"?  I quickly realized that Conscious Business Owners often have an internal tug of war between Doing the right thing and booming profit margins.  How do I know this? I'm one of them! 

After reflecting on my successes and failures, I developed a proven formula for ultimate success.  One that will help you go from ground zero to recurring income in a short period of time.  No, it's not a get-rich-quick method.  It will take dedication just like any long lasting business plan. 

I have an Intuitive gift in attracting and recognizing opportunities ahead of mass adoption.   With over 25 years of experience in business development, investment management, and eCommerce technology, I offer a unique set of expertise to my Clients.   

Ready to take your Life to the next Level?

"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." ~ William Ernest Henley

Discovery Breakthrough

  • + Identify your "Soul Purpose"
  • + Solidify your Business Mission
  • + Formulate your Branding Message
  • + Identify Market Opportunities
  • + Custom Assignments

'Pick My Brain' Call

  • 'Discovery Session' +
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Service Niche
  • Business Management
  • Product Development

Weekly Coaching

$997/ mo
  • 'Pick My Brain' Call +
  • Custom Roadmap
  • Weekly Thrive Sessions
  • Accountability/ Success Tracking
  • Abundance Guidance

Career Snapshot

--> At 31, I retired with a healthy investment portfolio.  So I built an animal shelter where 12,000 furry lives were saved.

--> By late 30's, I'd assisted two charitable organizations turn their finances around within 12 months.  This is also when I learned to tap into my Intuition and began my Coaching career!

--> In my 40's, we had to rebuild our life after the market crash.  Not only did we end up with one of the largest WordPress software agencies in Southern California, we were able to sell our software and pursued our dream of Country Living in Idaho!

--> Present day, I devote my time promoting Conscious Entrepreneurs so they can focus on creating positive ripple effects in the World!

Rave Reviews

Jennifer...she gives you so many unique ideas in about 30 seconds...that I've never heard before. And I've been in business for 2 years… ~ Melissa Hertz Sukiennik

This is truly a highlight for me to write this recommendation for Jennifer Cloake. She has been a valued advisor to me as I was developing several projects that involve internet marketing and business building. She is unusually creative and innovative in her thinking which influences her advice. Jennifer has fresh ideas in structuring business units into an integrated and unified configuration that meets the demands of the current economic environment...and my business vision and goals. I heartily recommend Jennifer for consultations about enhancing your internet and business marketing and performance. She has a deep understanding of current social media, internet marketing and business technology. ~ Jack Armstrong, Realtor

Jennifer and her marketing ideas via DIY Online Solutions have done wonders for me in a very short period of time. Her infectious energy and humorous slant on marketing in today's online business world will change your life. ~ Jef Namoto, eBay Master

Jennifer is a business woman that knows how to make things happen. Jennifer is able to set a clear vision of the project before her, what needs to be done and who is capable of completing each step in the project. ~ Sheryl Fielder

Jennifer, I SO enjoyed our conversation! You are an amazing person with a great talent for bringing out understanding and helping people find clarity. I'm inspired and encouraged. Now on to my homework....! ~ Jacqueline Stone, Spiritual Author

Thanks so much for helping me clarify my message and exposing me face-to-face to our audiences on social media. ~ Donald Hunter, the Unstuck Coach

...I have never seen anyone so passionate and fun, and effective at delivering information. I’ve been following her for the last few months and I can tell you about all the insider’s secrets she have put into my hands and the benefits I have reap from all of her Marketing Solutions...For me it has been like stepping into the next level in my Online career... ~ Pedro Aguero, Master Internet Marketer

...The warmth and caring seemed to just jump out of the computer. For a while I’ve been hovering in the background of your site figuring out what makes you ‘tick’ The conclusion being, you are just one awesome girl enjoying life to the fullest. A people person Eh! ~ Keith Davenport, Photographer

OK, Jennifer, my new goal is to make your Photo gallery! Why? You are my person of Influence and I admire the great work you are doing...You are the Motivator/Inspirator! ~ Gayle Connell, MLM Entrepreneur

The most important thing I have learned from our phone conversation: the crucial role of branding! Thanks, Jennifer! ~Boris I. Gurevich, Ph.D., The Ask Trade Mentor

Jennifer...I learned that just being nice and friendly without selling anything was best...I went from 300 to 500 contacts in about a month or less. Thanks, Jackie, Blogger

Jennifer, you really are a master of your craft, Greg speaks the truth. ~ Jason Brett

...Then, I read your second ebook "30 Second Energy Clearing" and again you totally answered my question.  How awesome is it that you were put in my path to help me in my journey...I've learned a lot.  Thank You! ~ Karrie Ross

...Wow, where to start...Jennifer...her energy is contagious, inspiring, and makes me feel like I can do anything. ~  Susan Bock, Business Coach

...If you want to put some fun into the learning curve, and the process of learning to marketing online, seek her out. She helps bring you back to what your connection is, in terms of what's important to you and your biz. ~ Greg Stanbro, Fitness and Marketing Stud

Your Life. Your Story.

What's a typical session like?

The session is pretty interactive as I invite your personal Spirit Guides as well as mine.  (Nothing crazy! It will feel just like a normal conversation unless you are an Intuitive too!)  I do ask you to be Open and Willing before we get on a call.  Otherwise, wait until you are ready before you book a session!

Step 1: Client presents current obstacles.
Step 2: I combine Universe Guidance with real life strategies for practical solutions.
Step 3: I present and discuss options with the Client.
Step 4: For Coaching clients, I craft an easy-to-follow Roadmap for your Expansion plan.
Step 5: We celebrate success!

How long is the Session?

Typically, we can zero in on a solution right on the call.  Expect the call to last from 30 to 60 minutes.  Sometimes,  assignments are needed after the call if there's resistance.

If a roadmap or written report needs to be crafted, then it could take up to 48 to 72 hours to produce.   I will give you a rough estimate on delivery timeline at the end of our call.

Often times, new information emerges as I work on the report.  I will not stop the information flow unless you ask me to.  That means, there may be a slight delay in the delivery.  Ultimately, you benefit!  I will keep our communications open via email if that happens. =)

Who can benefit from the Breakthrough Sessions?

I specializing in helping Conscious Business Owners position themselves in front of the right Audience.

→ Business Owners wishing for additional revenue ideas.
 Business Owners looking for the right niche for their product/ service.
→ Business Owners feeling they are running in circles, getting nowhere!
→ Business Owners needing online business or technical recommendations.

What Methods are used?

Universal Laws are always incorporated in every session, unless otherwise requested by the Client!

In Business Breakthrough Sessions, messages from the Spirit Guides will be included along with my 25+ years of investment and business experience.  

→ Universal Law of Attraction
→ Universal Law of Manifestation
→ Universal Law of Abundance

Take your Business to the next level.

'No Excuses! ' Projects to help you Succeed.

My goal is simple in these Projects-  supply you with the business resources so there are No Excuses!

velocity123- blk

New online? Have a limited budget?  I'm putting together a DIY conversion- focused website builder for you!  Start FREE.  Upgrade later!

Want to grow your Coaching business but not sure how?  I'm formulating a DIY Roadmap taking you from ground zero to recurring income!

You want to expand but facing growing pains.  Now what?  Join our "Name Your Price" Program.  We can take your business to the next level!

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